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Get Press Coverage In India – How Upstage Media Can Help?

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Recently updated on April 23rd, 2024

Press coverage is a great way to get your message across and spread awareness of what you are doing. Getting press coverage in India can be difficult, but Upstage Media has the experience and expertise to make it happen for you. In this blog post, we will discuss how to go about getting press coverage in India and why it’s important.

1. Who is Upstage Media and what do they offer?

Upstage Media is a PR agency that has been helping clients with their digital presence for over 3 years now. They have worked on several high-profile press coverage stories.

Upstage media offers Press Coverage, Digital Marketing, and Public Relations services in India to small businesses looking to build brand awareness online. Their highly experienced team of press and communication experts will help you build your brand profile, acquire customers and grow revenue.

Press coverage can be used to create a positive image for the company by highlighting its achievements in business or entrepreneurship.

It is important because it helps with SEO as well as getting more people to know about the product/service that you offer.

Press coverage is a great way to get your message across and spread awareness of what you are doing. Getting press coverage in India can be difficult, but Upstage Media has the experience and expertise to make it happen for you.

2. What Are The Benefits Of Getting Press Coverage In India?

  • Press coverage is a great way to get your message out.
  • You can use press coverage for marketing purposes or as a credibility-building measure.
  • When you receive positive reviews from authoritative sources, it lends more weight and authority to your business/product/service than any advertising medium could ever provide at the fraction of the cost.
  • You can leverage this coverage as a testimonial and use it to reach your prospects, who trust these sources for their information needs.
  • It creates awareness about you/your brand/products/services among new people in the industry and build relationships with them too.
  • It also helps you get new business, which would not have happened without your PR efforts.
  • The more coverage you receive for the same story/message, the better it is in spreading awareness about yourself faster and bigger.
  • Press coverage also builds trust among customers who are looking to buy products or hire services from someone they can trust.
  • Press coverage also helps when you’re looking for direct sales leads, as the potential customers become aware of your business through such mention in leading newspapers and magazines. Even if they don’t open up to buying right away, there’s a high chance that these mentions will be shared by their social circles who might look up to them for advice on similar products/services.

You should also keep in mind that the coverage you receive helps your company establish a positive reputation and good standing among other businesses, media agencies, employees etc., which can help you attract better talent as well as potential business partners (such as suppliers).

It’s like free marketing that drives the outcome you want without spending a penny.

Press coverage also helps increase your social media presence as well, which is an added bonus of getting yourself or your company mentioned in this manner. It’s like free advertisement on some of the most powerful and largest advertising mediums (i.e., newspapers, magazines) that reaches a lot of people.

It’s also one of the most credible forms of marketing, as it is mainly based on word-of-mouth – your satisfied customers talking about how great you or your product/service are to their friends and family.

3. How To Get Started With A PR Campaign For Your Business?

First, decide on a budget. The costs of PR campaigns can vary from Rs 50,000 to Rs 100 lakhs per month depending on the agency and the services offered by them

You should be present on all forms of social media so that your target audience gets a first-hand look at what you do as well as follow up with your business.

It is important to have a story that stands out and resonates with the people you are targeting through your PR campaign. You should be able to explain what makes your product or service unique, compelling, and memorable so it catches the eyes of journalists looking for stories.

Once you’ve reached an agreement with an agency, they will decide on the number of stories they will pitch to publications and manage all your other PR activities.

You should also be aware that a lot of outlets sell your story further, which means you might end up getting more coverage than initially planned for. This is great news as it increases the visibility of your brand exponentially!

A good way to measure the success of your PR campaign is to look at how many leads you are generating for your business. If there has been a spike in inquiries after the coverage, then it means that your story was compelling enough for people to share it with their friends and family or even seek further information about what you do!

Some of the most common PR activities include:

  • Writing and distributing press releases
  • Setting up product demonstrations
  • Organizing events such as seminars, conferences, etc. to generate awareness about your business or upcoming projects
  • Replying back to journalists looking for information on a specific topic related to your industry or field of work *You can also look at including keywords such as “press release distribution”, “blog writing”, and other such keywords to help build your site authority.
  • You can also look at including keywords such as press coverage, PR agency India, and other such relevant terms in the content of your posts for better website rankings.

4. Why Should You Go Ahead And Hire A Pr Agency For Your Needs?

There are several reasons why you should hire a PR agency. Some of the main benefits include:

It will make your life easier. You can focus on running the business while they handle everything that comes with press coverage like pitches, media list building, and more.

Offers an outside view of what works in terms of pitching to journalists which you don’t have; this is beneficial for both entrepreneurs looking to grow their startup as well as small business owners.

You have access to their expansive list of media contacts which is difficult to build on your own, especially if you are a startup or don’t have the necessary resources for this form of outreach.

It will be diligently monitored by experts who know what works and how it can benefit your company; they take care of everything from building media lists to pitching and negotiating stories.

You will receive a high ROI on the investment you make for getting PR coverage; this is because they can build relationships with journalists, which means that your company’s name gets mentioned more often than not when writing about trending topics in your industry.

It allows companies of all sizes to get the right kind of PR coverage without spending too much money.

You can use press release distribution services that are offered by most agencies, ensuring that your stories are being published on high authority websites across the web; this is great if you have a smaller marketing budget because it costs less than getting direct traffic to your website from PPC campaigns.

Makes it easier to monitor which type of press coverage is most effective; this allows companies to understand what the media likes best and how they can improve their PR strategy in order to get more traffic.

You will be able to focus on running your business, while they handle everything that comes with getting you press coverage like building relationships with journalists and more.

5. How Can Upstage Media Help You Get Press Coverage In India?

A press release can help your company get covered by the media in India. If you are looking to hire a PR agency, Upstage Media has got it all under one umbrella. We handle everything related to Press Releases and Press Coverage for our clients which includes drafting of content, designing layout, distribution through different channels like e-mail newsletters or website, etc. We do all the necessary research on your company and its products to craft a compelling story that is perfect for media coverage.

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