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How to Get Featured on Major Publications and Press Media


Recently updated on November 7th, 2023

Is your competition winning over you, and you still can’t figure out why? Or, you are not getting the attention you need to further amplify your brand and increase your exposure. Therefore, you need some media outreach, and for that too, you have to get featured in major publications and the press media.

The term “competition” is a significant motivator that helps every organization or corporation surpass its capabilities. Seeing their colleagues highlighted in prominent magazines, receiving greater publicity, or receiving better brand promotions provides a motivational boost to do better.

In these dynamic times, getting featured on major publications and press media is the only way you can maximize your exposure. Create the news such that you do not need to chase the media; the media will show interest in featuring you. 

The word competition is a major drive that helps in making any company or business outdo its capability. Seeing their peers getting better coverage or getting better brand promotions creates the motivation boost to excel better.

Take a step back

Think about the early 2010s when social media was not at its peak, and the platforms for similar exposure were only a handful of websites. During the time, if someone had lost the hopes of building their ground on those platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc., how would they avail of the advantages now?

Think right:

It is essential to take the right decision at the right time. Success is not short-term; it is a big shot that must create a greater impact. Effectively work towards progress to prevent missing out on opportunities. 

The Power of getting featured in major magazines and the press

Advertising your work and brand is a major way to attain long-lived success. Engrave your mark significantly on people’s minds and make it feel important. The current time is all about social media coverage and acceptance. The more you are trending, the more clicks you get. But think about it, is it long-lasting? Will you get the same treatment after people got bored with the trend? 

Look at the bigger picture

Press and publication are a bigger shot when it comes to playing the PR game right. They are the ones who get the chance to decide whether to put up your story or not, unlike social platforms where entry is free for anybody. You can create the story and post it as per your wish. In contrast, press articles, blogs, publications, etc., choose their promotions and news. Getting a chance to feature in the chosen arena is a big matter indeed. 

The Perks of Being Featured in Major Publications and the Press Media

If you look at PR in the traditional days, it was fully dependent on the media.  A news article or online article was all it took to get noticed. Many companies tried press releases that lead to fruitful media coverage.

There are many benefits of getting featured on huge publication But now, press releases are a harder option to get the right attention as more people are outing similar efforts. Refresh your publication strategies and see the following changes in the positive direction.

  • Effective expansion

Media features and getting featured in major publications are an excellent way to boost the visibility game. Many would say that social platform postings are a better way, which is true. But think logically, would anyone waste their time on unreliable sources? It would help if you built a verified identity to generate the right noise.

Media tools still hold the position to make your presence feel important. This way, you can expand your boundaries better without any bulk preaching.

  • Build credibility

For playing a long-term game, you need to build a credible brand. The positive response you get through social media platforms is the plant’s fruits, whose seed is the verification tick. Effective media coverage and featured articles highlighting your success and service help attain a strong base. Think about any big brand; they do not focus as much on their social media as they do on genuine press reports and coverage. 

  • Manage reputation

The PR stunts and news can remodel your existing reputation and take it in any direction you want to. Through the business featuring online platforms, prints like magazines or newspapers, digital prints, or even broadcasting stages, you can influence the way of perceiving your services. Manage your existing reputation better and open more windows to expand the exposure in a positive direction. 

  • Engage newer audience

Think practically, don’t you google or search about any interesting news or article when you stumble upon it accidentally on the net or in print? Everyone does, and you can also engage this common human behavior to yield better results for your benefit. Reading articles about you and your work on bigger printing mediums or online platforms will certainly generate a newer audience who may not be aware of you at all!

  • Improve your position

You can access the minds of the readers who are reading about you for the first time or may have vague knowledge about the services you provide. With the right content on the covering, mediums drive your existing market position to the moon! With the positive outreach, you can also resonate better on the crowded social platforms where more people will grow interested in knowing you. 

  • Stay Unique

The current scenario primarily plays the social game that may click and provide short-lived significance. With this tried and tested media publication option, you can see the positive outcomes of many brands and people. Many startups or young entrepreneurs discard the possibilities as a not-so-cool choice but do you want to follow the same path as everyone else?

Be Different and think out of the box to get something great

feature on publication and media press

3 step process to get featured on Major Publications : Create a story, Share the news, Measure the performance

Well, first understand what exactly news is? It is nothing but a story that gets better exposure so that more people can get a chance to know about it in detail.

Any story which gets told in the right way is news. All you need is the right exposure. The more people you get on board to tell your information and story, the better it generates results. For understanding the whole concept, integrate it into segments – creation, sharing, analyzing.

  • Create: Build the information and craft it wise to escalate into a piece of effective news. The content which you make should open the doors and provide that extra push you require. Focus on valuable information and story-building tactics to engage better. Authentic content publishing is the base of the step, and from there, you can go into desired dynamics. 

  • Share: Now, this is the most crucial part to amplify the exposure or shatter your dreams. Having the right means of sharing and connections that can yield fruitful outcomes is important to achieve success. Get hold of platforms and PR distribution circuits to preach what you want. Get the maximum attention possible to generate better benefits. 

  • Analyze: It is the part to step back and measure the performance. Through critical analysis and monitoring, you will get the hint if the resonance is right. The performance monitoring metrics allow you to alter your applied tactics and refurbish your tools to generate a different outcome. 

Best ways to create massive powerful exposure in the Market 

1. Controversy is the key

Maybe your brand image is not safe for work or is totally outside the box with a mainstream audience. You can use these outside-the-box techniques to generate branding and communicate with the audience. 

When a controversy arises due to your products or your brand image, it can lead to people talking about your products or brand and sparks many discussions. It can be powerful if you can work that in your favor.

2. The power of Visuals 

When the visuals are strong, they communicate a lot. Strong visuals help to communicate a lot in people’s perceptions. It can help to create extreme reactions from people, which can help in reaching new audiences. Make strong visuals, or else hire an agency that has deep expertise in creating these visuals like Upstream Media.

3. Connect with your Brand Story 

Customers are way savvier and more clever. Customers want a brand that has a human story behind them. This can help your brand shine. But, you have to have a story that is emotional and well-built. Everything unique about your brand should be represented in a well-crafted manner to generate a true story feeling. Use this to connect with your audience. 

4. Regular Pitches 

If you are rejected once or not successful once. Try it again and again. Change your Approach and try again. You will hit your mark. But the faster and more effective option is to take help from a great agency to get featured in big press and media outlets. This is where Upstage media comes in.

How to Get Featured on Major Publications and Press Media

You want to get your business featured on the major publications and the press media. Here are the ways through which you can do it: 

  • Pick your topic

What can be special about business that can become newsworthy? Do you have some service or product that’s special? Do you have a product in a new market niche or have you recently won some award? Once you understand how to construct your story, you can not get in touch with the media outlets that cover your industry. 

  • Find Media outlets to pitch

Firstly, take these points into consideration. Prepare a list of major media outlets that can cover your story. 

  1. Audience: Choose the audience and find the target audience according to your story. Do make sure that your story can reach the right media outlets that can further reach your target audience. 
  2. Reach: The more the reach of the media, the more the reach to the audience. 
  3. Credibility: Only work and pitch to outlets that have a great credibility and are trustable among the audience. Else, it can do more harm than good for the audience. 
  • Writing under Press Release

A press release written should contain the following factors. It should be well thought out, written concise and clear. It should have a great headline, and a great story. 

  • Pitch your story

After you have completed the story, now, it’s the perfect time to pitch this story to the right media outlets. These media outlets will further propagate your story to the target audience you want.

  • Follow Up  

After pitching the story, make sure to check in and follow up with the media outlets. This provides a confirmation to the media outlets that your story is important and you are serious about your story coverage.

How Can Upstage Media Assist You in Getting Featured in Major Publications & Press Media?

Reading all the above tactics and ways can certainly confuse anyone. The complexities are enough to fear people to try these promotion techniques and stick to the old procedures. You need not take any extra stress to achieve the steps mentioned above.

There are agencies and service providers who do the same for you. You simply require to connect to them and give your story a chance to get featured. 

About the Upstage Media:

Upstage Media is a company who serve their clients to digitally publish their works and spread positive information about them on the leading online media outlets. The platforms are both on physical and online mediums that help in maximizing the exposure.

With their services, you get a chance to tell the world about your work, achievements, plans, products, and many more. They will create ways to spread your stories and publish them on effective platforms. 

What you get:

By availing of their services, you can now open the closed doors and set your foot on the unexplored ventures. Among the many benefits of their service, the following are the seven aspects that could bring favorable turns into anyone’s luck:

  1. Get verified swiftly and easily
  2. Break your boundaries of exposure, unlimited expansion
  3. Get the desired priority to achieve efficiency in functionalities
  4. Secure your place in the famous blogs and articles
  5. Get the chance to dominate 
  6. Better recognition on social platforms 
  7. Get heard among the crowd without putting extra effort

  • A journey you make:

The owner of the company Upstage Media, Mr. Swapnil Devre, started as an entrepreneur and took valuable lessons from life to finally understand that you do not always have to break the wheels; sometimes, rebranding and proper channelizing can lead to success. Trying new is not always a sure-shot to success; one can be successful by following the tried and tested paths.

The journey you decide for yourself decides the path to your success.

  • Building the bridge

With the assistance of Upstage, you can fill the gap that exists between yourself and the world out there. They are the ones to ring the bells at the right doors and make it open for your benefit. Their wide connection in the journalism field and media circuits allows them to spread the story and develop it into a piece of relevant news. Build the bridge to your success in a more dependable way. 

  • Get better approval

Features and publications of leading media platforms and printing domains help you attain the approval of the majority. Believe it or not, conventional media is still more impactful than social media. People have a better trust in the published news and articles that help you gain better approval. Do not miss out on the chance to break barriers and firm your base. 

  • Develop authority on audience

If you plan to make it big, pave your path so that you do not require to reach the audience, the audience will get attracted to you and your offerings. Take a small example of all the leading global brands. Have you seen them focusing on their social trends?

They only publish relevant news and articles that further generates organic trends on the sharing platforms. This way, you get an authority on the audience and can manipulate their thinking. Please give it a thought and understand the amazing prospects. 

  • Pricing package & list of sites covered

You can be a starter or an average performer in the business game. The chance in is your hands to make it big. Your starting point does not matter when you spread the story; the current content that you are spreading makes a difference. Pick the packages of the coverage schemes and grab the opportunity to find your position. Upstage media can help you get enlisted on leading sites and influence the leading think tanks to recommend your business. 

  • Trust the expert:

Trust is the foundation base of any venture. You require the trust of the people to make it big and get the desired exposure. Similarly, choosing the expert whom you can rely on in your future endeavors is a crucial decision to make.

The experts know how to channelize your story and make it resonate with the target audience. There is no reverberation until you choose the appropriate room, right? The experts play the same role as the room to echo your thoughts and promote your ideas. Have faith in their services and gain better. 

Get Started with the Upstage Media

Reading the above will surely help you understand the growing importance of media coverage and press for effective promotion. Why wait for more?

The time you spend delaying will open better opportunities for your peers. Level up the game to the next level and start with the trialed techniques. Get in touch with a reliable agency and observe your story transform into happening news!





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