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Why Digital PR is Important | Types of Digital PR

Types of Digital PR

Recently updated on April 24th, 2024

PR has changed in recent years and moved from the traditional forms of media to the new online world. But the traditional PR still exists and you can be sure that it is not that effective in today’s era. So, how does a great PR agency in US transform your business into a successful one or save you from a worse PR crisis and other factors? We will be discussing that. Also, we must discuss different types of digital Public Relations that exist and how you can take leverage them. Let’s find out. 

What is PR exactly? 

Before defining the different aspects of PR and how it can be beneficial to you. Firstly, we have to know what exactly a PR agency is? And what it does. So, what is a PR agency? 

Generally, in simpler terms, a PR agency is a company that is tasked with the responsibility of managing the Brand image of any brand. The way to handle brand image in any Public relations is to try different methods to change the image of the brand and the public perception of the brand. 

Also, especially in our country, the PR agency in United States handles the brand perception and also does branding work for any new brand. All these branding efforts help the company in different ways. But, the major benefit any company gets is a customer relationship that is strong and lasting. 

How does a PR agency work

As we have a clear understanding now on What is a PR agency let’s look at how a PR agency works? 

The role of a PR agency like Upstage Media is to enhance and help the brand stand in the market and make an impact and help establish itself and thrive in the market. 

The PR agency will help the branding or save the brand image by sharing or propagating different types of information-related signals in the market and in between the audience. These Information signals can be messages or articles or any type of information that helps the brand create an impression in the mind of the consumer or help save the reputation of the brand in the case of a PR disaster. 

Now you understand how a PR agency works and how it does it, we move to the digital era how does a Digital PR work and is it different from the traditional PR agency? 

What is a Digital PR agency? 

A digital PR agency is tasked with the same as it will help the branding of any company or save the brand image by sharing or propagating different types of information-related signals in the market and in between the audience. But the difference comes when you look at traditional PR agencies and Digital PR agencies. 

Traditional PR agencies use traditional communication systems like radio, Television, TV news, Billboards, or newspapers to change the perspective of the audience. All this research is done in offline space. 

On the other hand, A Digital PR Agency handles the different communication systems in the online space like Social Media, Blogs, Search Engine Optimization, etc. But, there are different types of Digital PR agency in United States and you should know whom to contact when you need a PR agency.

Why Digital PR? 

But, why do you need Digital PR and what are its advantages? Here they are: 

These are some of the main advantages of Digital PR in the online age: 

  • It helps in creating a great brand perception and further creates trustworthiness for the brand in the minds of the target consumer. This helps in further building online authority and online reputation. 
  • Helps in increasing brand awareness and thus the brand reaching out to a higher number of people in the target audience space. 
  • It further helps in better SEO by generating different backlinks from high-quality sites. 
  • It helps with the creation of content that is informative yet engaging that further enhances the value proposition of the brand. 
  • Further, it creates an audience engagement that is more meaningful for the audience in the target segment on different platforms like social media or other media platforms online. 
  • Furthermore, a PR agency in United States takes leverage from the content generated by your users. This helps in increasing social proof and trust. 

So, what are the types of Digital PR?

A digital PR helps a brand to grow or during a reputation crisis helps to save the brand image and branding reputation. It’s highly important to do branding in the competitive market to be a worthwhile company. 

There are many different types of Digital PR and what is important for your company. Here are different types of PR for different used case scenarios. Here they are: 

Content Marketing 

Content marketing is considered the most effective and popular type when you look into digital PR. A Digital PR agency in United States can take leverage of Content Marketing. Here are some of the advantages of Content Marketing: 

  • In any industry or its niche, you can showcase your authority and expertise. 
  • It helps in gathering an audience and helps with audience retention too. 
  • It helps in solving the problems faced by the audience and finding the solution. 
  • It helps in the generation of backlinks and online traffic
  • It helps in the generation and conversion of leads.  

Social Media 

Another type of digital PR is Social Media or marketing through Social media. These platforms are provided for large community and audience interactions or better engagement and sharing of content. Social media PR includes posts, stories, updates, reels, live, quizzes, etc. 

The main advantages of Social Media are: 

  • It helps in the increment of brand awareness and further increases the reach of the brand. 
  • It makes the audience trust the brand more and helps in better relationships with them. 
  • It further helps in generating feedback and better audience insights. 
  • It further helps the website traffic of the brand. 
  • Social media also helps to provide a community and add further to the loyalty of the fans. 
  • Better and Direct audience engagement in the form of comments, opinions, etc. 
  • It helps in better audience analytics and thus helps in better social media performance. 

Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing, especially for PR agency in US , is defined as collaborating with different online influencers who have a big following in different industries or niches. The collaboration type can include product review posts, sponsored posts, giveaways, etc. 

The main advantages of Influencer Marketing are: 

  • It helps in leveraging the credibility and trust of influencers. 
  • It helps in further reaching a new audience base that can be great for a business or brand. 
  • This can further help you create content that is engaging and authentic on the level of the audience. 
  • It can further help in social proof. 
  • It can help in driving conversions and thus sales. 

ORM (Online Reputation Management) 

online reputation management

Online Reputation Management or ORM helps in managing the reputation of a business or brand. This can include handling comments, reviews, feedback, complaints, and much more. 

Some advantages of ORM are:

  • Protects the reputation of the brand or helps in enhancing the brand image. 
  • Helps in resolving issues like negative factors or comments or crises. 
  • Helps in demonstration of your customer services and care. 
  • Helps in trust-building among stakeholders and customers. 
  • Further helps in the improvement of products based on customer feedback or services. 

Online Press Release 

Online Press Release provides and distributes a proper press release for the media outlets that specifically work for online and handling businesses and brands. 

Some advantages of Digital Public Relations in Online Press Release are:  

  • Helps in generating awareness and exposure for different businesses and brands and their target audience. 
  • It further helps in SEO rankings by backlink generation from high-quality sites. 
  • It further drives traffic to your website. 
  • It helps in getting higher authority and credibility in your industry. 
  • It helps in different opportunity creation and helps in collaborations and media coverage. 


A great PR agency in United States can help you with these types of digital PR. Now. you have a full understanding of the types of digital PR. On the other hand, Upstage Media can help you do different Digital PR activities if you want to drive your brand growth today!

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