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PR Related Terminology | PR Glossary

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Recently updated on April 24th, 2024

All The PR terminologies every PR should know

PR people have a large vocabulary. They have an understanding of the rich vocabulary that they use and they know the power of that vocabulary.

If it’s a big riddle for you to solve the PR terminology, then we will discuss every PR glossary from A to Z. Now you will know every PR term after this blog.

Full PR glossary

Here it is, every PR term that PR uses and it will be helpful to understand.

Let’s start:

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What is Advertising

Definition: When you pay for a specific space to promote your product, brand, or service, whether this space is billboards, radio, TV ads, or social media is called Advertising. It cannot be confused with PR or Public Relations. Public Relations is the process of getting attention through organic results through information and coverage.

Ad Value

What is ad value

Definition: The total amount of money made out of an advertisement while created and designed by a PR agency with the help of an advertising agency is ad value. 


What is an advertorial?

Do not confuse this with an editorial, an advertorial uses conventional ideas and designs, yet focuses on the major importance of services or goods. It’s used to give more information about the product or service.


What is a Blog

The Blog is a platform where you can share different ideas or articles, concepts or information, or recipes.  


What is a boilerplate?

The boilerplate is a term used when we provide additional or extra information at the end of a news editorial or press release. The use of boilerplates is generally done in press releases. 


What is branding 

Establishing an individual identity or company in the market, so they can be recognized among their competitors is branding. When you have to uniquely stand in the market, you have to do branding. Branding includes designs, logos, slogans, and much more. even people use PR for branding as, now a days PR is important to building a brand

B2B (Business to Business)

What is B2B

Definition: B2B means Business to Business. This kind of model is used when companies sell their services or goods directly to other businesses rather than selling to general consumers. B2B PR generally works in these areas; you can hire a good B2B PR agency in the United States for better visibility of your business-to-business brand.


What is B2C

Definition: B2C means Business to Consumer. It’s a model where a company sells directly to the general public or general consumers. 


What is a Backlink

Definition: A backlink simply means, when a link that links to another website. What’s the importance of Backlinks? Well, this is how search engines work. Google, Bing, etc use backlinks to do website ranking. 

Eg: Let’s assume, you write a blog and later a big website writes something related to that topic and links your website, that will be called a backlink. Backlink from Press Releases impact your platform’s SEO

Quality backlinks, generated by any form of content, always matter to boost your SEO. Best digital Public Relations firms know the importance of Backlinks 

Brand Activism

What is Brand activism?

Definition: A way of changing or driving changes in environmental, social or political, or economic issues that the society faces is called brand activism. Brand activism can be used under pledges as action or solidarity statements etc. 

Brand Ambassador 

What is a brand Ambassador?

Definition: A person that becomes the representation of the brand, because their culture, personality, or interests align with that brand’s value is a brand ambassador. This concept is used to increase the visibility of the brand, thus leading to awareness building and sales increment. 

Brand Awareness

What is Brand Awareness

Definition: Brand awareness simply means how much consumers or the general public know or are aware of the brand and what the brand does. This term is also used in marketing as a goal to reach your awareness of the brand to the new people in the target audience.

PR agencies now the value of brand awareness and good PR can increase your brand awareness

Brand Journalism 

What is brand Journalism?

Definition: When you convey your branding and advertising through journalism style writing and news is brand journalism. This is done as consumers are more aware of your traditional advertising practices, and you now want to increase awareness through news-style advertising.  

Buyer’s Journey 

What is Buyer’s Journey

Definition: When a consumer finds out about the product and starts researching the product before making the final decision to buy the product is called a buyer’s journey.

This process involves basic three steps:

  1. Awareness: This process begins when the main prospect has a problem.
  2. Consideration: After that problem is identified, the buyer starts researching the solutions related to that problem.
  3. Decision: This is the last stage, as the prospects have identified the solution to the problem they are facing and on the last decision of buying that product or service. 


What is Circulation?

Definition: The total amount of copies of different media like magazines or newspapers distributed among your readers is called circulation. Circulation does not generally mean how many copies in physical format get distributed, but the readership it gets in a certain cycle. 

Communication Strategy 

What is a Communication Strategy?

Definition:  A written plan that helps you and your team to follow certain goals and prospects and accomplish them is called a communication strategy. It means, how you will find the target audience, what you will talk to them and how you will talk, and other factors. 

Content Marketing 

What is Content Marketing

Definition:  The definition of content marketing has changed a little during the digital era. It’s now using different types of content to promote content to generate and retain awareness and retain your target audience. This is done to drive the consumer towards sales at a later time. This is content marketing. Best digital PR agency in US use this to their client’s advantage and to promote different content on it.


What is Copywriting?

Definition – This refers to writing content for different forms of media like websites, social media, advertising, etc. Best digital PR agencies focus on Copywriting. 

Cost per mile 

What is the Cost per mile

Definition: A statistic or metric used by public relations services to know the number of visits or clicks out of one thousand. This metric and its data can be used later to calculate the advertising cost at a later date. 


What is CMS? 

Definition: CMS means Content Management Systems. It’s a type of software that can be used to distribute, publish or modify content on different platforms for eg a Blog or social media. And you don’t need to write code for it. Almost every major digital public relations firm uses CMS for different purposes. These can also be used by health care PR agency 


What is CRM?

Definition: CRM means Customer Relationship Management. It’s a way to keep in touch with your customers. It’s software that adds all the customer’s data into a system, so everyone who has that access can access that information. Almost every PR agency United States uses it but fintech Public Relations agency use it more. 

Crisis Management/Crises Communication

What is Crisis Management or Crisis Communication?

Definition:  When an unpredictable event occurs that may or may not harm the brand’s reputation to solve that issue and save the brand’s reputation is called Crisis Management or Crisis Communication. The best digital PR firms handle this crisis management with many tactics and save the brand’s reputation. 

Corporate Communication

What is Corporate Communication?

Definition: Corporate communications can be defined as internal communication between board members and employees. It can also be used for external communication for the government, customers, or competitors 

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What is an Embargo?

Definition: An Embargo is generally an agreement or a request that a particular kind of information will not be distributed or published until a certain specified date. These types of embargos can be handled by a tech PR agency as tech reviews or other types of information should not be published before a specified date, therefore a technology PR agency is equipped to handle it. 


External Communication 

What is External Communication?

Definition: This is a unique type of communication done by companies or organizations to their main audiences, that are directly not linked to them but to still affect them in some way possible. This type of communication is used to make relations with the target audiences much stronger.


What is Fundraising?

Definition:  Simply means a way to raise funding for the organization to achieve a certain goal or objective. Online PR distribution services can play a big part in fundraising.

Growth Hacking 

What is Growth Hacking?

Definition: This generally means to grow a business using short-term strategies to make a business big using a small or limited amount of budget. If you are a startup you can hire a PR agency for startups to become big in a short duration.

Influencer Marketing 

What is Influencer Marketing?

Definition: It means using a person that has an influential presence on social media and promoting your goods or services through that person on social media space. Public Relations for fashion brands generally use this tactic to promote fashion among the influencer’s audience.


What is KPI?

Definition: Key Performance Indicators or KPI are metrics that are used to determine whether the company and its internal parts are hitting the set objectives or not.


What are keywords?

Definition: Words used in content that can have significance on search engines and how they show your content are keywords. Generally, keywords means words that are generally popular as search terms and searched by users.

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Lead Time

What is Lead Time?

Definition: It means the time at the start and end of a Public Relations event or campaign.

Media Exposure 

What is Media Exposure? 

Definition: It means how much time or story coverage gets in the different mediums like TV, radio, social media, etc. Great PR news distribution services can increase or help in media exposure for any organization.


What is Marketing?

Definition: The use of different mediums online or offline to propagate your message and generate awareness about a product or service is marketing. 

Personal Branding 

What is personal Branding?

Definition: Marketing a person or their career as a brand is called Personal Branding. It works on taking the target audience of that person and giving them a clear statement of what it does. 

Paid Media

What is Paid Media?

Definition: It’s a marketing strategy to pay for advertising and use different channels to advertise your products or services. 

Press Release 

What is Press Release?

Definition: It’s news about the company, that the company produces for all the audience including the media professionals. Press Release is a kind of information, on which journalists and media people can cover a story on. 

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RSS Feeds

What are RSS feeds?

Definition: Generally, RSS is a way through which users can get updates and notifications to their subscribed websites. These RSS feeds help the users to get info from all the websites in a single space.

Reputation management

What is Reputation management?

Definition: A way to influence people to think a certain way about the brand is called reputation management. The general goal of reputation management is to show a brand in a favorable light and to shape public perception. 


What is ROI?

Definition: ROI or Return On Investment is the performance metric. It’s a way to measure the effectiveness or efficiency of any marketing or PR campaign. ROI is generally categorized into two sections: The first one is the economic value in terms of sales from the campaign.

The other part is improving the credibility of the brand, which indirectly enhances the sales of that brand.


What is SEO?

Definition: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a way through which you are increasing your website or content visibility in search engine results. SEO can greatly impact the business and sales of any website.


What is Storytelling?

Definition: It’s the art of telling a story to persuade people, generate an image and reputation of the brand, change or influence perceptions and change or motivate behaviors as well. Storytelling involves emotions and this makes it memorable.

Target Audience

What is Target Audience? 

Definition: Simply, a group of people that the company targets, that will be interested in buying that company’s services or products. 


What is USP?

Definition: A Unique Selling point or Unique selling proposition is a great marketing strategy to show a unique image of your brand and differentiate yourself from all your competitors. This will help you to attract your audience and retain that audience as the brand expands and grows larger.

Value Proposition

What is Value Proposition 

Definition: It simply means, how much value can a company give back to the customers, when the customer chooses to buy that product. This helps the company to stand uniquely in the market and be different from its competitors. This explains the company’s thinking and what they stand for. 

Vanity Metrics 

What is Vanity Metrics

Definition: It simply means that the metrics or statistics we measure to explain the campaign performance, but it doesn’t reflect the reality of things. Or in other way, Vanity metrics measure performance that doesn’t matter. Eg: Page views. Page views never give a picture of the success of the brand or help in sales. Or Another example is liked. All these don’t define sales or physical characteristics but still, measure. 


What is Viral?

Definition: Viral means any type of online content that gets shared or spread on the internet too fast in a very small time is considered viral. Generally, content goes Viral when it’s linked to human emotions like anger, sadness, happiness, or joy


This is all the PR vocabulary or Public Relations glossary. Now you know the secrets of PR language and how best Public Relations firms operate with this vocabulary. Hope it helps you.

If you are looking for a PR agency in the United States that can help your business, firm, or yourself, you can contact us.

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