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How to Get Featured in News Articles

How to Get Featured in News Articles

Recently updated on April 24th, 2024

Getting featured in different media and news outlets or news articles will help your business or brand or any other source. It can help in various ways to reach the brand to the mainstream audience and in effect later to the target audience that the brand or business or organization wants to attract. The benefits of getting featured in News articles or press coverage are tremendous and good public relations services can help you with that or not? So, what are the ways to get into the News and the benefits and advantages of getting featured in the news articles, we will discuss here in this blog? Let’s Find out. 

Get that reach with press coverage 

By just being featured in a news article or press coverage of any sort, you can get visibility in the main audience. From the visibility, you can later develop the reach, so that your brand reaches a wider audience and you can reach your target audience through it. From this, you can get the credibility you need to serve your customers and get the great customer base you always wanted. 

So, how do you get the best when you are featured in news articles and what are the advantages of getting featured and how can you get featured in the news? Let’s start discussing that. 

Also, a very important tip. We will be providing you with ways to talk to the journalists in a polite and understanding way so that you get the desired results and coverage for the content while you are polite to the journalists and help them in working on your content. 

Understanding the News: How to Get Featured in News Articles

In today’s digital age, getting featured in a news article can be a great way for showing your brand to the world and getting the brand visibility you always needed. Whether you are in the phase of launching a new business venture or just an experienced player in business or want to tell a compelling story. All this can be done by getting the right media coverage and help in boosting the profile and help in attracting attention to the cause. Now, let’s look at point by point how to start featuring in news articles. 

Creating content that gets noticed by the media 

To gather the attention of the journalist or many journalists and on the other hand the attention of the news outlets, it’s extremely important to create content that helps with the readership. 

You have to start by really understanding the audience of that news outlet and whether you want to be featured in that space or not. The public relations services can help you find the right audience for you. Researching the editorial style and preferred format and topics of interest. Craft the content based on the value perspective. 

Content should be differentiated for the different formats, like expert interviews, opinion pieces, and the content of leadership. Develop a strong headline that creates a pull for the story. Use case studies and data to support your content. This will also increase credibility and make the content more engaging. Do remember to make the content fast and informative and also easily digestible. 

Connecting with Journalists for Media Features

Building relationships with journalists in general can help you in increasing the chances and in turn will get you featured in different news stories. Start by researching the different journalists that are in your audience. These journalists will be covering the topics and interests based on your industry and expertise. Start with following them on different social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. Sometimes, they have forums or blogs that they have created and are specific to the industry, start following them based on these blogs or forums. 

Later, you can slowly start engaging with the comments on forums and social media platforms to let them show your existence. Always post comments that are valuable and insightful along with adding information to their content will help you. You can also ask thoughtful and insightful questions to pique their interest. Although be aware to not cross the line by being boastful or trying to promote yourself there. Add value and be genuine in the comment section or the discussion forum. 

The PR agency can help you properly in how to engage with comments and what to say and other details to pique the interest of the journalist you are trying to access. 

Finding your unique news angle 

In a great landscape of different types of news, the media landscape is a crowded space. You have to find the news angle appropriate to you. This will help gather the attention of the journalist. Start looking for different types of angles in the story that have not been covered before. You have to consider the fact that your story or your expertise can help in providing a unique and fresh perspective to either an old trend or a new trend. 

You have to identify the different aspects that are unique to the experience or the story. What creates differentiation from the others is the field or the industry you are working in. How can you provide an innovative solution to some kind of problem that exists? By highlighting the strengths and uniqueness you have, you have a high chance of being featured in news articles. 

These types of efforts can be easily done on behalf of you by a good PR agency in US. The PR agency can help find the news angle for you that helps for your benefit. 

Tips for Getting the Media’s Attention

Along with creating great and compelling content plus building relations with different journalists, there are many other strategies to grasp to understand the media here and grab the attention of the media:

  • Press release utilization: Using Press Releases is a great idea to show your story to the media. Generate a well-thought-out and well-written type press release. This will help you in presenting your story in a compelling & concise manner. Then distribute this Press Release to different media outlets or journalists of the same interest. 
  • Leveraging Social Media – Use social media platforms to your advantage. Use different social media platforms to share success stories, insights, and expertise. You have to also engage the different media outlets or journalists by tagging them. More further, use hashtags that are relevant to your story. 
  • Offering exclusives: You have to provide exclusive access to journalists for product launch events, newsworthy events, or insight related to the industry. 
  • Be responsive: This is a very important aspect, when the journalists do reach out to you, you need to respond to them with appropriate measures. This is where Public Relations services will help you provide the most adequate response for the media outlets.  

Networking Strategies to Secure News Coverage

Networking is a very important and effective part of getting yourself covered in a news story. Here are some of the effective networking strategies that can generate news coverage: 

  • Start attending different events and conferences from your industry. This can build your connections with the different journalists working for your industry. Starting talking and engaging in conversations that are relevant and meaningful. Make sure to exchange contact details and later follow up. 
  • Join professional organizations and associations that have relevance to your field. 
  • Take leverage of social media and follow journalists and engage with the journalists in the form of discussions and appropriate comments 
  • Build regional angles with your story by following up with the different regional journalists. 
  • Do collaborations with different media influencers for better exposure. 
  • Start contributing in forums like guest posts or start participating in podcast interviews and grab the media attention by it. 

Effective Ways to Present Your Ideas to Journalists:

These are some of the effective ways for pitching your ideas to journalists: 

  • Start by crafting a properly tailored and concise pitch that helps describe your unique relevance and angle. 
  • Create exclusivity, start by doing exclusive interviews or providing the journalists with access to new information. 
  • Be ready to be responsive and be available. You have to understand the journalist’s tight schedules and deadlines. Be active in responding to them. 

Showcasing Success Stories for Media Interest

  • You have to identify the different narratives and further identify the unique angles for the story that resonates with your organization.
  • Collect different types of case studies and testimonials that will help you demonstrate your work and success. 
  • Strategizing before pitching is the key. Tailor the story according to the journalists and then provide visuals along with the data to provide credibility. 
  • A great PR agency like Upstage Media can help you provide ideas and even provide opportunities to pitch them to you in a proper way. 


With all these tips you can easily get featured in News articles. Some pr news distribution services like Upstage Media can help you get featured in News and media. Contact it now! Hope these tips help you to build the branding. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay to be featured in a magazine?

You can pay to get featured in a magazine and some of the magazines provide these kinds of opportunities but overall this is frowned upon and not good. Instead, building great relationships and creating and crafting great stories can help you to get featured organically. 

How can I contact a PR agency to release news articles in the US?

To contact a PR agency in the US, you have to search in online mediums for different PR agencies in the US and if they work for your industry. You can contact Upstage Media, a PR agency In United States to release news articles in the US. 

How can a PR agency help reach out to journalists? 

 You can reach the journalists but the right way to reach the journalists is through getting a PR agency to do it for you. The PR agency will help you find the right journalists specific for the industry and the right way to contact the journalists. 

How can I contact a PR agency to release news articles in the US?

A PR agency can provide the assistance in helping with the press release for the local media and further distributing the content to them. These PR agencies have the right knowhow to reach the contacts and help in better local media coverage. 

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