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How To Claim An Inactive Instagram Username Account

Claim An Inactive Instagram Username

Recently updated on May 30th, 2024

As the era of digital transformation is changing the world, the world is changing and social media has evolved into something else. It has evolved from a place of communication to become an arena that has the power to build strong personal or professional branding. Among all the other platforms that are there, Instagram has a special presence, and it can be special as it is a true visual heaven, and through Instagram Username you can start the journey of Instagram and build a brand through that. 

The Instagram username is very important, the competition for Instagram usernames has started and is intensified, and the main allure of getting an inactive Instagram username has also started, and become an enticing endeavor. 

In this blog, we will be understanding the intricate structure of Instagram usernames, and further exploring the feasibility of how to secure those Instagram usernames, thus ensuring that you are in search of the right username and get that username.  

Instagram Identity is Important 

In today’s world, where online identity has an important significance, Instagram has become a true canvas of self-expression. The user base of Instagram is surpassing billions, and the pursuit of finding the right username has become significantly difficult. To combat the issue a full market has grown just like the early days that were of domain trading. 

Still, the bigger question exists till now, that is, Can these types of usernames be activated again and can function normally just like any regular Instagram username? This provides the details regarding the username policies of Instagram and other aspects of Instagram. 

The Market for Instagram Usernames 

In the tapestry of Social media platforms, Instagram has become the main fabric of our lives. With a user base of around a billion users, the importance of an Instagram username is just like prime real estate. 

As this platform grows more and more, the demand for unique and eye-catching usernames will increase too. This phenomenon has given birth to a market where the username is sold just like the domain name market during the era when the internet started. Instagram usernames are sold for a great significant value and provide a great online identity. 

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Can You Get an Inactive Instagram Username?

 If you are wondering if you can get a seized username for Instagram? The answer to this question is promising, yet it is complex. Instagram does have a username system for a policy that provides reassignment of the account names that are tied to any inactive accounts. However, it’s still secret about the timeframe as to when it will happen. 

The algorithm also factors in different criteria like engagement history, follower count, and last date of login. The process for that directly indicates that the possibility of claiming the username is there but it is not as simple as we think. 

Inactive Instagram Username

Buying an Instagram username 

According to the saying “If there is a way, there is a way”, this saying is true if you want to claim inactive users. Generally, the strategy that different businesses have started adopting is buying these handles that are dormant. If you feel that the account is dormant, then directly reaching out to that account holder can be a great endeavor. 

Proposing a great monetary deal trying to exchange the username with another username or trying to do something like service collaboration may be the way to get that username. 

Although, be prepared for different kinds of responses like whether the username has a sentimental value for the user or whether the user will reactivate the username after some time. 

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Finding Their Contact Information

To start embarking on the journey of claiming dormant or inactive Instagram username does require that you become a digital detective. When you are faced with the challenges of locating the account holder, just start checking the bio and see if any of the details are available. Is there any kind of links to blogs or websites or any other social media site? 

If the approach feels less fruitful start broadening your search on different social media platforms and search engines etc. Always approach the user with proper respect and just show your intention by fully explaining to them about the utilization of their username along with your attitude of having constructive destruction. 

Will Instagram Delete Inactive Accounts?

From time to time Instagram engages it with the constant cleaning and removal of fake or inactive usernames. This is done to keep the authenticity of the platform intact. While these are great times for snagging these inactive usernames, nothing is guaranteed here. 

Further, these types of methods and their frequency is unknown, thus making users devise new and clever strategies that can work for these kinds of usernames. 

Instagram Delete Inactive Accounts

Wait for the Instagram purge 

As the main digital landscape is always evolving. And through evolution, there’s a change in many forms. While playing a game of waiting and keeping a close watch on the coveted accounts. If the account is deactivated because of prolonged inactivity, the direct availability of the username increases.

This kind of approach demands patience and perseverance… But if the patience is there, then it can provide great results. Through this technique the chances of getting the right username increase. 

Trademark or copyright the name 

If you are highly determined to get an exact username, this is specifically important for your username or business. In that case, you can think about the law in getting that username. You can also think about getting the copyright or trademarking for that name. It’s about getting the legal armor that can help with the stronger case when you talk with the owner of the Instagram handle or when you are talking through Instagram for the right username.

But, here, things are different. You have to prove why the name is important to you and why you need to claim this. That means the name has some important significance to you and you are the only one who will be using this username. 

Getting the legal aspects of the name is a technical task and also costs money, but it is a great way to secure that exact username. This is like that badge that provides the full right to use it. 

Choose a similar name 

In the era of the digital realm, flexibility is the most important asset. Should you try to find the exact username and it fails, then the next way is to find a username that is identical and think about alternatives that are still related to the identity of the brand. 

By using some little or minor type of variations like a number or an underscore. Providing a slight variation in the username further echos a distinctive fashion among the targeted audience and it also furthers the message that you want to spread to the public. 


The main expedition for securing a great username is a fusion of different strategies along with resilience and diplomacy. The main social media landscape has created usernames from some words to big assets, which are now pursued relentlessly by different enterprises and individuals. 

Although there is no one-size formula for claiming an inactive Instagram username there are multiple strategies for acquisition and communication plus legal ways that can increase the chances of getting the right Instagram username. Finding the right username can test your patience but it can also provide great results and an enthralling experience. 

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