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5 Steps That’ll Help You Get Your Business Story In Google News

Recently updated on November 16th, 2023

We all know that Google is king when it comes to search engine rankings. If you want to appear in Google News, then you need to follow these 5 Steps That’ll Help You Get Your Business Story In Google News. These steps will not only help you get your business story on the first page of Google News but also on the first page of Google ranking!

1. Identify The Story You Want To Share

The first step to getting your business story in Google News is identifying the specific story you want to share. This does not mean that you need a huge event or breaking news happening within your company, but it should at least appeal to a larger audience and provide value.

For example, if I was starting out as an entrepreneur with my own company and had been fully operational for a year, I might have shared my story on the struggles of entrepreneurship.

I would like to share this with people who are not entrepreneurs or even those that may be interested in starting their own business someday. This way if someone finds it through Google News they will see me as an expert on the subject.

In this example, I have identified the story with a couple of keywords in order to make it rank higher and appeal more to Google News.

This is because if you want your business story that will appear on Google News then you need to be able to include these keyword phrases into your content so as not to miss out on occasional traffic from Google News.

I also included a description and how it would be useful to an audience so they know exactly what I am talking about, which is especially important for those reading on Google News instead of the blog post itself.

This will help people find you when they are looking for someone who can provide expertise in your field and give them the confidence that it’s a good idea to hire you.

News stories are one of the best ways to get more clients, so it’s important that you are able to identify the story and then create a plan for how to share it.

News stories can be in a variety of formats and on any topic.

This is because Google News has millions of readers every day who use it to find content that interests them – so your story needs to interest as many people as possible if you want it to rank higher than other stories about different topics.

It’s also important for the headline, which is the first thing people see when they search for a story.

A good headline is usually catchy enough to get someone’s attention and make them want to keep reading your post, but you also need to include keywords in it so that Google can know what your article is about.

In this way, all of the hard work put into writing the headline will not be in vain.

If you are unsure about what headlines to choose, then there is a great article called the “12 Steps To Create A Killer Headline” that does an excellent job of outlining this.

In summary, your first step in getting Google News visibility for your business story is identifying it and creating a plan for how to share it – including how it will be shared and what the headlines will say.

2. Find A Relevant News Outlet That Will Publish Your Story.

Google News is a great tool to find news outlets that will publish your story. You can use the search bar at the top to type in what you are looking for and it will show which media outlet has been covering this topic lately.

Once you have found an appropriate publication, contact them with links to relevant articles about your business.

They may publish your story if it is a good fit for their audience and they have space in the next few days or weeks.

Make sure it’s original content, not just a rehash of the other article.

If they are not interested, ask them for some feedback on why your story didn’t make the cut.

Maybe you can tweak it and send it in again or find another outlet that is a better fit.

Keep pitching until you get published!

Google’s algorithm is updated every day so it’s important to work on your SEO as much today as you did yesterday.

Best practices are to have original content, and include keywords in your title and description.

Search engine optimization is key for any business looking to be successful online.

Utilize Google’s search tools that are available like Google Alerts or Keyword Tool to find what people are searching for related to your industry!

If you can position yourself as an expert in your field, Google is more likely to rank you higher.

In summary, it’s important to find relevant news outlets that will publish your story and include SEO best practices in order to get ranked higher on Google.

3. Contact The Editor Of The Outlet And Pitch Them Your Idea.

The editor of the outlet is usually a busy person so they might not respond to you. Try emailing them, but if that doesn’t work, call and leave a message with their secretary or assistant. When pitching your idea it’s important to mention the author’s credentials, expertise on the subject matter, and why your story would be relevant.

The best way to get published is by pitching an idea that hasn’t been covered before or in a new angle. Consider how many words you want them to publish about you (about 500 words for most sites) and make sure it’s relevant to their readership.

You can also offer them a press release, which they will need even more than the story. If your pitch is rejected it’s okay and you should try again later or find another outlet that might be interested.

Pitching is a numbers game. The more you pitch, the higher probability of being published. So, Don’t get discouraged after pitching to 20 – 30 publications.

You can also hire a PR agency to help you submit your story to Google News and publications.

They have connections to all the major outlets and they know what editors want. They can also give you a quote on what it would cost to get your story in Google News. PR agencies charge a fee and the cost is based on how many hours they work on your campaign.

You can hire upstage media if you need help getting your story featured on huge news/media publications. We have over 300+ huge publications where we can get you featured.

4. Submit An Article About Your Company’s Recent Accomplishment Or Event

This is the fourth step in getting featured on Google News and ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Submit an article about your company’s recent accomplishment or event that’s been reported on by a reputable media source.

This could be an award, a new product launch, or an event. It doesn’t have to be a big win.

In order to qualify for the Google News feature, it must meet these criteria:

The article or story should be about your company and recent newsworthy accomplishments related to what you do.

It has not already appeared as an event in one of our streams. (For example, if you have a new product launch, we may not show it as an event after seeing someone else report on the same thing.)

The article is from a reputable media source.

It has to be about your company and recent newsworthy accomplishments related to what you do.

The article must also meet their editorial guidelines.

Once you’ve submitted a story to Google News, it can take several days for your company’s event or accomplishment to be featured on the site. Once it does, Google will send out an email notification letting you know that the article has been live and was covered in one of their news feeds.

If you don’t have a recent accomplishment or event to report on, it’s still possible for your company to get featured.

There are a few ways this can happen:

You may submit an article about your company’s past accomplishments or events, such as team member accomplishments that have been reported on by media sources. This is helpful if you don’t want to wait for something new to come up. Remember – the article has to be recent and related to what you do.

There may be a story about your company that’s already been reported on by reputable sources, but it doesn’t include all the information we need to publish it as an event or accomplishment in Google News. If this is the case, reach out to the reporter and ask them for more details about what they covered so that can be added in.

You may also reach out to the reporter and ask them for a quote in order to publish it as an article.

We hope these tips help! Good luck ranking your company on Google News.

5. Keep In Touch With The Editor To Make Sure They’re Aware Of Any Upcoming Events Or Announcements From Your Company

Editors will want to know what you’re doing and how it fits into the broader story they’re trying to tell. Keep in touch with them, send updates when something is coming up that may be of interest, or if there are any big announcements planned.

This will make sure they know about you and are more likely to include your story when you have something newsworthy.

If you’re not the type to send a regular email update, there are plenty of other ways. For example, if your company is hosting an event or unveiling something new and newsworthy that’s worth mentioning in Google News, it never hurts to let them know ahead of time so they can include it on their calendar.

Also, make sure you mention any upcoming launches or anniversaries when you’re talking to them, so they can note it for their readers.

To summarize, Google News is a great way for your company to build visibility and authority in the search engine. It’s also an effective, low-cost means of promoting events at your business. The steps mentioned should be used only as guidelines so that you can get into Google News rather than being a strict list of how to do it. The key takeaway is that Google News is a great way to get your business story out there.

Just staying in touch with your editor will help you get your business story into Google News.

In Conclusion

One of the best ways to get your business story in Google News is by pitching it directly. It’s important that you provide a compelling headline, and be concise with your pitch; this will make it easier for editors to say yes. If you are not sure what makes for an enticing article idea, we can help! Our team has years of experience writing content marketing articles on behalf of our clients so they can achieve their goals online.

We offer both SEO copywriting services as well as digital PR campaigns designed to raise awareness about new products or services. Contact us today if you want help getting your newsworthy stories featured on top sites like CNN, Huffington Post, or The Today Show!


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