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11 Things That Will Get You Banned From TikTok

Banned From TikTok

Recently updated on April 23rd, 2024

TikTok is a video-sharing platform that is highly famous among young Gen-Z kids. People upload their videos and try to go viral or make their personal identity as content creators. 

2024 is about to come and we can see many celebrities whose careers have been made only through Tik Tok. The list is uncountable and more people are joining the social media celebrity tag each day. 

TikTok is highly flexible and offers high freedom to its users. But that doesn’t mean it lets you do any inappropriate activities on its platform. The result will be a ban from TikTok. 

Getting a person’s TikTok account banned refers to a situation where a person’s TikTok account is suspended or blocked. TikTok account ban can be permanent or temporary depending on the severity of activity. 

TikTok aims to provide its users with a safe and positive environment through its videos. When a TikTok user creates a negative environment by uploading some videos that can mislead people towards wrong things, then the support team takes strict action against him/her. 

But what are they and how can you be safe as a TikTok user? 

These 11 things will get you banned from TikTok

1. Sharing Plagiarized Content: 

If you share some content on TikTok that imitates the creations of another user, it can get your account banned. Not only TikTok but all the other social media platforms also have this rule to prevent its creators from using someone else’s creative property without permission. TikTok has many strict rules to prevent this. If you violate these rules your account will be banned.

2. Sharing Sexual or Nudity Content: 

TikTok has clearly instructed users not to post any such videos under TikTok videos in which you are shown promoting and addressing nudity or sexual exploitation in general. Sexual Or Nudity Content creates a very wrong environment which provides negative feelings to the kid users of TikTok. 

If you or anyone you know keeps posting such videos, there is every possibility of the user’s account getting banned. It’s better to stop right now. 

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3. Sharing Violent Content:

If any TikTok user uploads some videos to his account in which direct or indirect violence is visible, then it will also be a violation of TikTok’s policies and rules. Videos like assault, attempted suicide, killing, self-harm videos, and many other such videos were uploaded by many users, after which their accounts were banned. TikTok is also used by minors and such videos will have a very negative impact on them.

4. Promoting Self-Injury: 

If you post a video to your TikTok account that promotes self-injury, it may lead to your account being shut down because it is not allowed by TikTok videos. If you post things like hurting yourself in your videos it creates a negative environment and your account may be banned.

5. Threatening or Bullying:

If you upload videos through your TikTok account that include threatening or harming someone, your account may be banned because it is against the TikTok Community Guidelines policies. TikTok has stringent rules in place to prevent such behavior.

6. Promoting Illegal Activities:

Accounts that post videos that encourage illegal activities are banned. If you upload videos that involve human exploitation, physical harm, illegal wildlife trade, or anything that supports illegal things, then such videos are banned. If you show content in your videos that breaks the law, it creates a negative impression for people and gives a wrong message. Thus your account may be banned.

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7. Sharing Hateful Content:

It is against TikTok’s policies to spread hateful content to people on TikTok. If a user posts content that shows hatred towards any community or any individual, then that account is banned by the TikTok community. TikTok only supports the posting of videos that address the sentiments of love and unity.

Sharing Hateful Content

8. Spamming or Impersonating:

Spamming is clearly prohibited on TikTok. If you post content that depicts impersonation, you may be removed from TikTok, meaning your account may be banned as per TikTok’s policies.

9. Misinformation:

As per the TikTok community guidelines, you may only submit genuine content through your posts. Your account may be banned if you provide this wrong information in your videos and posts.

10. Creating or Using Multiple Accounts to Evade a Ban 

Many times, some TikTok users create multiple accounts on TikTok to avoid various types of bans. Having multiple accounts for a single user is not allowed. If it is confirmed that you are using multiple accounts, then all your accounts may be banned because this is considered a violation of TikTok’s policies.

11. Repeatedly Violating Intellectual Property: 

If any content has been shared by another TikTok user and you are repurposing the content but you have not taken the consent of the first creator then it will be illegal and your account may also be banned. If you are using a clip of someone else’s video for your video, then you will need permission, as well as you will have to give credit for your video to the user whose video you have used. If you do not do this, then TikTok videos will be violated and your TikTok Account Suspended from TikTok.

Ways to Restore TikTok account in pointers only:

Violating TikTok’s rules results in a TikTok account being banned. If you feel that your account has been banned and you have not violated any rules, then you can restore your account. To restore your TikTok account, first, you have to submit a review request to TikTok, the process of which is given below.

  • Open the TikTok app by going to the home screen of your mobile.
  • After opening, you will get the option of a profile icon in the lower right part of the screen which you have to tap.
  • The profile screen will open in you will get the option of signing up which you have to click on.
  • After clicking, a new page will open in which you will have to click on log in.
  • For people you have to enter a phone number or your name or email ID and on clicking the option you have to enter your user ID and password. After that, you click on people. If you do not remember the password, you can go to the Forgotten Password option.
  • After clicking on people, a page will open in which you will get information about the deactivation of the account. You will get a restore TikTok account option. If you want to restore your account then click. In this way, your account will be restored.


The TikTok community aims to provide a positive environment to its users. Due to this the accounts of people who violate the rules are banned. Above we have learned about such rules, violations of which can lead to an account ban. Along with this, we have also learned how to restore your account. It is not necessary to violate rules to make yourself famous—post with positivity and spread positivity. 

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