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How Upstage Media’s PR Strategies for Press Gurwitz Perfumerie Boosted their Brand Recognition: A Complete Case Study

PR Strategies for Press Gurwitz Perfumerie

Recently updated on April 23rd, 2024

The perfume industry is one of the most in-demand industries among people, especially in the US. But due to such a wide market with so many ranges of perfume brands in the US, it becomes very hard for a brand to stand out from the market, build authority, and build trust among their audience. For this purpose, US perfume brands often seek help from each marketing and PR agency in the US.

But yet, not all are able to execute a successful campaign very often. Today in this blog, we are going to discuss a case study of Press Gurwitz Perfumerie, a perfume brand in the US. We will talk about the challenges it faced and how Upstage Media, a PR agency in US, was able to execute a successful campaign.

About Press Gurwitz Perfumerie

Press Gurwitz Perfumerie is an American company founded in 2019. It is a family business, and many generations have contributed to the development of the brand.

Press Gurwitz Perfumerie develops one-of-a-kind perfumes for the body and the home. The business considers fragrances to be an expression of personality, space, and design, allowing each distinct style to draw and entice.

The product line includes fifteen perfumes, six lines of hair and body care products, and a collection of home fragrances in the form of scented candles and diffusers.

The brand’s expert perfumers and smell enthusiasts are committed to crafting luxury perfumes that are affordable and accessible to everyone. They are manufactured using only the highest-quality ingredients.

Press Gurwitz Perfumerie

Initial challenges that Press Gurwitz Perfumerie was facing

Press Gurwitz Perfumerie was in not-so good condition due to the various challenges they were facing. These challenges had affected their sales to a great degree. Below are the challenges faced by Press Gurwitz Perfumerie.

1. Visibility and Brand Recognition

Creating a fantastic product is only half the battle. Building brand recognition is often regarded as one of the most difficult aspects of the work.

One of the reasons that brand recognition may be so difficult to understand is that it does not always fit into the modern world of data-driven marketing. Press Gurwitz Perfumes biggest challenge was to overcome it.

2. Establishing Credibility and Trust

Lack of brand trust affects a wide range of businesses. The Press Gurwitz Perfumes was unable to build trust and establish authority in the market due to the large range of perfume brands in the market. As a result, they were unable to make many sales.

3. Conveying Brand Story and Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Selling products requires story-telling and making emotional bonds with your customers. Also, tell them about what is unique about your company and why your customers should buy it from you and only you.

The Press Gurwitz Perfumerie company failed to convey its brand story and USP. Due to this, there was no connection between the customer and the brand, and they just could not stand out from the market crowd. It led to a loss of credibility in the market. 

4. Reaching a Targeted Audience

Targeted Audience

Audience targeting is the process of locating and segmenting relevant consumers. It is based on variables like demographics, purchasing intent, and personal interests. Audience targeting enables businesses to provide personalized experiences to clients who are most inclined to buy. Press Gurwitz Perfumes was not able to reach their target audience and boost their sales.

All these challenges were hard to solve for them as they were perfume experts, not marketing and PR experts, and thus they chose to take help from our Upstage Media team, the finest PR agency in US.

Strategy and Planning by Upstage Media

Strategizing and planning in advance is the need of the hour for a brand to grow fast. We started with customer behavior research. After deep research, we figured out that people who are interested in perfumes love to read magazines related to hygiene, health, fitness, and especially fashion.

They not only trusted the brands mentioned in the magazines more but also preferred and referred to them while making purchases. Thus, we suggested Press Gurwitz get featured in the finest fashion magazines in US. 

We explained to them how press coverage can solve all the problems they were facing and could also boost the company’s image by emphasizing its accomplishments and helping them stand out in the market.

Press Gurwitz understood the strategy and handled the reign to us. They asked us to take care of the execution and gave us access to their team members in case we needed help.

Execution and Collaboration

Now the execution began, and we found a list of some of the finest fashion magazines in US and started collaborating with them.

1. Crafting a Compelling Pitch and Press Release

After creating the list, the next important step was to create a pitch. It was a bit difficult to write an effective press release because, when it comes to creating fascinating communications that stand out from the crowd, you need expertise, strategy, and a plan.

Writing press releases can be a creative process. Putting everything together properly, including an enticing title, executive summary, and call to action, assists in generating compelling material and presenting vital insights with finesse.

2. Showcasing Visual Appeal and Aesthetic Alignment

Aesthetics are critical in catching attention and engaging people. As companies attempt to make themselves stand out in a competitive environment, developing a compelling visual marketing approach has become vital. And the fashion magazines were all about visual appeal and aesthetics.

Our team made sure that every pitch and press release looked visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing to people.

3. Leveraging Influencers and Ambassadors

Influencers are today’s content-marketing experts. They’ve developed their social media following by figuring out what resonates, engages, and motivates people to take action. This experience can help businesses grow faster by engaging with influencers.

We took advantage of leveraging influencer-created content, and it worked like charm in reaching our target demographic and geotargeting our audience in the US.

Magazine Feature and its Impact on Press Gurwitz Perfumerie

Magazine Feature

Our campaign and all the strategies were amazingly successful.

Fashion magazines for perfume brands article can be bookmarked, shared, and pinned, and even readers are aware that everything has been thoroughly reviewed by editors and publishers. So, readers are more likely to like and trust a product mentioned in an article if they like and trust the publication.

And exactly the same thing happened. Press Gurwitz Perfumerie brand recognition soared, they easily reached their target audience, and customers trusted their authority and credibility, making them stand out in the market, leading to increased sales and profit.


With this, we can conclude that all problems can be solved easily with a well-researched and planned strategy from a PR agency in US. Just the way our Upstage Media team did with the Press Gurwitz Perfumerie perfume brand. It is always best to hire experts for PR and branding. With this, we end this blog and wish you the best of luck for the future of your business.

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