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How to Write a Press Release for Healthcare & MedTech in a Pandemic

Recently updated on April 23rd, 2024

The pandemic has taken a toll to of human life, employment and societal peace in an unprecedented manner. Now more than a year since, it started its mayhem, the pandemic seems to tighten its grip through a second-wave attack.

In such trying times, the importance of healthcare services and MedTech companies is paramount. Press release is a tool that they often use to connect to larger communities, beyond governmental bodies, which include patients and their families, rest of the people, other subsidiary health accessory and utilities providers, doctors, nurses, health workers, social workers, police, and any person or authority looking for a way out from the crisis.

Why a Press Release is important?

Before covering the aspects of how the press release should be written in this context, it is essential to know about the reasons why it is so important.

  • A clear and direct communication with the media to quickly spread crucial medical information
  • Letting the rest of the world know about the exact status of the crisis
  • Letting every individual and authority know about the medical and related preventive measures being taken
  • Reducing the fear psychosis among the public
  • Helping the government and society at large by creating more value in terms of distributing the correct information
  • Tackling rumors and misconceptions

Focusing on the Title of the Press Release

A title is the first thing that catches the attention of the journalists, and later on, the readers. As a MedTech entrepreneur, you need to be additionally careful to make the title smart and to-the-point.

  • The title should be crisp and written in a simple, straightforward language
  • It should completely convey the essence of the full press release
  • It should avoid heavy vocabulary at all cost
  • It is a good idea to end the title in a single line
  • The title should not bear any resemblance to a title from any of the previous press releases (if published)
  • The title must straightway convey an indication that the content under it would be engaging

Aspects where a MedTech Press Release differs from other press releases

Here, you need to understand minutely the specific aspects in which a press release from a MedTech company or healthcare service provider starkly differs from a press release of a business from any other sector.

  • Mentioning of medical terms with accuracy
  • A lot more usage of technical terms pertaining to the pandemic
  • A much more intense societal perspective in the general tone as the pandemic has reached and affected every corner of the world
  • No extravagant description of a product release
  • Not trying to be too creative
  • Absence of a persuasive tone
  • Showing empathy in a subtle manner directed towards those have been most affected by the pandemic in terms of health conditions
  • A friendly tone of community feeling spread throughput the press release body
  • Cohesive in structure and professional in approach
  • Objectivity in most of the sentences of the press release
  • No intense display of creativity through wordplay or flowery language
  • Completely interpretable by a layman who knows English (or the language in which the press release is published)

Mentioning the Findings / declarations / study reports with supporting details

It is natural the press release from a MedTech company would have some valuable information in the quantitative form. Also, it might have some new insights about the pandemic, or findings from a research.

You have to be very careful in expressing such content through the press release. It is mandatory to present the journalists with concrete, verified and sharp quantitative details.

The things that you convey through the press release should have supporting statistics. This provides it with credibility.

Top journalists also love such press releases, and are quick to grab a copy. The possibility of getting quality backlinks to your platform is huge when you focus on this aspect while composing the press release.

Don’t be repetitive

While writing a press release during the pandemic as a MedTech or reputable healthcare service provider, it is ineffective and unprofessional to repeat the facts that people already know. Being voluble on known information brings you zero worth.

You have to focus on adding value to the journalists, and subsequently, to the readers. Talk about some new information that could help an individual personally or a government at a mass scale to successfully minimize the negative impact of the pandemic.

You have to make the Press Release engaging, providing top priority to your target audience. Be careful to not include any thing that you have already stated in any of the previous press releases.

Also, it is unwise and unethical as a MedTech company to create a sensation or gimmick in the market through Press Releases. Try to remain simple as a service provider in term of conveying your message. Resultantly, the readers are bound to get intrigued by your content, and subsequently with your services and products.

Avoid common SEO mistakes

Your Press Release also requires pertinent SEO strategies to gain more digital recognition across various platforms. While implementing a wide range of techniques, avoid the usual mistakes such as keyword stuffing, buying backlinks, using traditional listings, etc. Moreover, try to be pro-active on social media platforms and be more responsive to any comments concerning the Press Release.

Aim for a more responsible Press Release

Following the simple yet effective guidelines in this blog, it is hoped that you would be able to write a strong, result-oriented Press Release without any hurdles, relevant to the pandemic.  

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