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Binge-Worthy PR Podcasts to Check Out

binge worthy pr podcasts

Recently updated on July 16th, 2024

Listening to PR Podcasts on a regular basis is an excellent way to know about contemporary tricks and tips in implementing marketing strategies. If you are out of ideas, then a discussion from a specific podcast can supply you with creative solutions.

Podcasts in 2023

PR strategies are continuously evolving. In 2022, several new technologies and techniques have come into the scene, and it is hoped that will flood the market even further. In order to be aware of the trends in this regard, you have to concentrate on podcasts that are relevant in 2022-23

Choosing the right podcast

As there are numerous podcasts to explore, it would be quite helpful to get hold of a reference list that nicely accommodates a group of top podcasts making a difference in 2021. The rest of the blog precisely discusses the names and characteristics of 10 such PR podcasts.

PR Week

This is usually a podcast aimed to hone the existent skills of PR professionals. If you already have a few years of experience in building and implementing a wide range of PR techniques, then PR Week is certainly going to add value to your knowledge, as it caters to you specific insights that would further make those techniques effective and more engaging.

Listen Now: PR Week Podcasts

Inside PR

This is a nicely structured podcast that is effective in providing streamlined solutions to tackle controversies and difficult issues related to PR. Through a series of interviews and discussions involving experts, you learn lots of valuable things that you can directly implement or integrate in your PR framework, as per the requirement. You are bound to enrich your knowledge about crisis communication by regularly following the content of Inside PR.

Listen Now: Inside PR Podcast

PR Wars

As a marketing professional or someone who is eager to leverage the power of PR optimally to establish a brand, you would like to get information that practically tackles the relevant issues one could come across in the corporate world, dealing with customers. PR Wars is a perfect podcast that discusses regarding various aspects of best practices prevailing in the PR world, concerning all types of business domains.

Listen Now: PR War Podcast

Word of Mouth

If you want a podcast that specially focuses on utilizing word of mouth stories to elevate a brand, and counter different types of PR issues, then this is arguably the most suitable podcast for you. Language can be creative and deliberate, creating an impact. You learn excellent tips in harnessing the power of language to strengthen your PR efforts. This podcast has been run by BBC since 2011.

Listen Now: Word Of Mouth Podcast

PR resolution podcast

If you are searching for something smart, sharp and concise, then PR resolution podcast is a wonderfully intriguing platform from where you can benefit to a significant extent. Each episode involves an expert from a specific business background. Stella is the host. You listen to a rich, well-structured analysis of a PR-centric case. Each and every discussion on this podcast is informative and highly evocative.

Listen Now: PR Resolution Podcast

For Immediate release

This is another smart and reliable podcast where you can get precise ideas of top digital marketing news involving strategies and techniques. You would be quickly able to know about the trends in the digital marketing space, and how you can get accustomed to the changes. Also, you get an opportunity to listen to crisp discussions on predictions that might impact the PR scenario in the future.

Listen Now: For Immediate Release (FIR) Podcast

Human Connection Podcast

This is one of the most interesting and incredibly engaging podcasts, centring on women entrepreneurs. You learn about the struggles of businesswomen in establishing their companies. Listening to the rich discussions from the podcast helps you knowing about a wide spectrum of creative tactics that different women employ in making their respective company’s brand more robust, even in a competitive environment. You also get nice ideas about enhancing a new business.

Listen Now: Human Connection Podcast

PR Talk

If you desire to listen to something extensive and detailed, then following the episodes of PR Talk podcast is a wise thing to do. You get ample ideas about building stories in media platforms. Moreover, there are insights being discussed in creating excellent PR content. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner in the industry or a veteran, PR Talk is definitely going to add concrete value to your knowledge.

Listen Now: PR Talk Podcast

Obsidian PR

When you are eager about learning great things to create content across the PR spectrum, and deploying the most optimal content solutions, then listening to the podcast of Obsidian PR is a wonderful way to move forward. You learn about a host of PR strategies that are not so conventional, yet very effective. The podcast has been operational since 2018. Each episode is a fairly lengthy session marked by an engaging discussion on various PR elements.


If you are a budding marketing professional, regularly dealing with PR questions, then you need to positively listen to PR POD podcast. Each day, the podcast publishes an audio content. The voluminous content materials provide you lots of insights, ideas, etc, enriching your creativity. You understand in a detailed manner the various aspects of PR and how efficiently one can handle it. You get excellent suggestions on sharpening PR initiatives from experienced industry insiders.

Listen Now: PR POD Podcast

Choose any podcast that suits you

You have the liberty to select any of the above-mentioned podcasts. You can experiment with listening to multiple podcasts and then select the one that seems to be most appropriate to address your interests.

Happy listening to PR podcasts in 2021!

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